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Breaking News: We have appointed Jeff Hodgkinson asapm Director of Standards, replacing Joel Carboni. Among Jeff's action areas: aPRO!

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Certification Competenceasapm, IPMA-USA Certification
asapm has the USA's only role-based, PPM performance certification, assessed by professional assessors.

We also offer exam-based certification, including essay questions, to assess grasp. See our range of Basic-to-Advanced PPM certification offerings.

Evaluate Your PPM Complexity. Which Advanced PM Certifications do you qualify for?

Are You Competent as a PM?
See PM-SAT, our Project Manager's Self Assessment Tool, covering IPMA's unique Behavioral and Contextual competences for advanced PM certifications! Or, check your Technical competences with PM-SAT-t

Moving Government Forward:
has published a special report, Federal Project Management; Understanding FAC P/PM & Competency.
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Download aPRO
; our asapm Performance Rated Organization assessment standard.
aPRO sub-site

aPRO is a unique open standard for your use in assessing and improving organizational PM Performance.

Click the aPRO logo above; download our standard. Assess your group's PM Performance, or explore our list of aPRO Recognized Assessors.

IPMA ArrowsAbout IPMA
asapm is IPMA-USA. IPMA is the World's first project management association, founded in 1965. IPMA is a federation of independent National Member Associations, representing over 55 countries. Our unique Federation structure allows us to collaborate as a true Global organization, while serving unique local needs. Two memberships in one: When you join asapm, you are also a member of IPMA!

Trivia: IPMA's prior name was INTERNET, some 16 years before the World Wide Web decided our name was a "keeper."

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