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aPRO LogoWhat's New With asapm?  In addition to our unique advanced certifications for program and project managers (of course!) our greatest What’s New is aPRO, our asapm Performance Rated Organization standard; click the aPRO logo to visit our aPRO section.

Some of our most-frequently-accessed information is just a click away from this front page. This page features our latest and most-popular website links, for your convenience.

Certification CompetenceProgram & Project Manager Certifications

asapm offers the USA's only role-based, PPM competence-led certification, assessed by professional assessors. We also offer exam-based certification. See our range of basic to Advanced PM certification offerings.

Evaluate Your PPM Management Complexity. Which Advanced Project and Program Certifications do your initiatives require?

Exams and Assessments
See our latest schedule of IPMA Level D exams, and IPMA Level C Exams and Assessments.

Download NCB-USA,
the USA’s National Competence Baseline. NCB shows the path from Knowledge, through Skills, Attitudes, demonstrated interpersonal behaviors, Competence, and the resulting PM Performance.

Education (Learning)asapm competence enablers logo

asapm’s Competence Enabler (ACE) program has added new participants, who are now offering their services as aPRO Assessors! Are you an ACE?

And, check out PM-SAT, our Self-Assessment Tool for PM Competences, based on USA-NCB. Explore how your competences match high-performing project and program managers in Contextual, Behavioral and Technical competences.

News and Media

News: asapm announces 2015 Board of Directors
Newsletters: asapm’s Latest Newsletters
Articles: See Our Best Of asapm; now over 100 Articles!

Recent Articles:
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Blogs and Social Networks

Blogs: See the asapm Blog, Change Agents
Social Networks: asapm’s Linked-In Group

Moving Government Forward
Get asapm's special report on improving the effectiveness of the Federal Government, thorough more effective Project Management. Send us your email address and get a link to this special report, Federal PM; Understanding FAC P/PM & Competency.


aPRO, highlighted above, is asapm’s organizational performance assessment standard. This process can result in certification as a performing organization, or it provides a list to work on to improve PM performance.

Download aPRO, the asapm Performance Rated Organization, our open standard organizational assessment.


About IPMA

IPMA Arrowsasapm is IPMA-USA. IPMA is the World's first project management association, founded in 1965. IPMA is a federation of independent National Member Associations, representing over 55 countries. Our unique Federation structure allows us to collaborate as a true Global organization, while serving local needs. You receive two memberships in one: When you join asapm, you are also a member of IPMA!

Fact: IPMA's prior name was INTERNET, some 16 years before the World Wide Web decided our name was a "keeper."